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School Staff Teambuilding


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Teambuilding Activities to Reward and Motivate Your Teaching Staff

Would you like an away day with a difference?

At Kippure Estate, we don’t just run educational programmes, we also specialise in tailor-made team building events which will enthral, challenge and motivate your teaching staff.

Many of us here have a background in education, so we understand just how important it can be to spend quality time with your colleagues, away from the pressures of the classroom.

We have a very flexible approach to building your ideal away day. We realise that everyone is unique and thus we offer a variety of team building activities at Kippure. While many will relish the opportunity to swing from high ropes, others will naturally be restricted by age, physical ability and fear factors. Whatever your requirements may be, we can tailor a programme which will suit everyone in your group.

Our teambuilding activities range from creative outdoor cookery challenges to adrenaline-fuelled high wire adventures.

  • Perhaps your staff will relish the map and compass trek, where the group is split into teams and must navigate their way – by working together – to the various checkpoints as quickly as possible, all in the glorious and varied landscape of the Wicklow Mountains National Park? This event requires forward planning and effective time management – two of the most critical skills for teachers.
  • Or there’s our treasure hunt, another great way to encourage bonding and lateral thinking – while having a lot of fun on the way.
  • And back to the high ropes adventure. Not for the faint-hearted, this is the ultimate test for stepping out of comfort zones. People need to trust in each other and work together to ensure each other’s safety. As a reward, participants enjoy a true sense of achievement as they complete the exhilarating course.
  • If the idea high ropes is too much for anyone in your group, then there is always the low ropes challenge – it’s a mere foot off the ground and great for encouraging teamwork, as participants are required to support one another around the course.

Corporate Team Building Too!
We can also organise a fun-filled, team bonding experience for your company or organisation. We can tailor the half- or full-day of team building activities and team development exercises to suit your group’s needs/interests.  From outdoor orienteering courses, survivor challenges and ‘high & wild’ adventures to corporate social responsibility programmes and catered themed parties, there truly is something for every type of group of adults. Check out our sister site, for more information:


  • Enhances relationships between colleagues and fosters a greater sense of team
  • Encourages ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • Promotes communication, co-operation and situational leadership
  • Builds confidence and pushes boundaries
  • Teaches participants about themselves and their team-mates

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