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Team Building Activities Especially For First Years

Bonding through Adventure and the Outdoors

Going into post primary school can be a daunting time for children, as they leave behind the security of the familiar and move on to ‘big school’. Kippure Estate’s Fun and Team Building Days for first years are an ideal way to bring together children from different primary schools, introducing them to their new classmates in a relaxed yet stimulating environment. Our teambuilding exercises and outdoor activities are carefully planned so that the group is continually mixed up, encouraging the pupils to really mingle and interact with one another.

A typical Fun and Adventure Day

  • We begin with our ice-breaker games, which usually end in laughter, helping to ease tension and fear of the unknown. The children then move on to our High Ropes course where they are encouraged by the instructors to support each other and hold the rope for those up above.
  • As the day progresses, we introduce more exciting activities – and not all centred on the high ropes as we are aware that some children may have a fear of heights. Our Low Ropes Challenge Course is only a foot off the ground and designed specifically for team building, as students are required to support each other around the course.
  • Our Jungle Swing is brilliant for teamwork as the children must work together to achieve a goal which cannot be attained individually. It involves planning ahead and agreeing a strategy to complete the course – so communication is essential here.
  • Our fixed Orienteering course is ideal for developing strong team work, forward planning and time management, not to mention giving them a good run around the estate.

Our team building activities have proven successful time and time again in helping to integrate a new class of students, like first years.  A great time is had by all; they go home feeling exhilarated and filled with confidence about their future at school.  It is not uncommon to see new friendships formed which go on to last even beyond their school days.

During each activity session, and especially after, the group are encouraged to discuss and express what they have learned and what the benefits were for them, both personally and as a team.

Team Building for Adults!
Everybody can be young at heart—even your staff or members! At Kippure Estate, we host a variety of teambuilding corporate events and team development programmes. Icebreakers, ropes courses, orienteering, and our monster swing are just the beginning of our team building activity options. You can even make a whole day of it and include a themed party as part of your team building event. For more information, visit:


  • Great for developing new friendships and integrating a group
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem through facing fears and trying new challenges
  • Develops communication skills and team work
  • Gives the children a great workout in the fresh mountain air


Sample Itinerary

09:45  Arrive

10:00 Begin activities: icebreakers, high ropes, low ropes

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Continue activities: fun team building games, orienteering

15:30 Finish and depart

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