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Field Study Geography


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FAQ – General

What time do you start at?
All programmes begin at 10am unless requested otherwise.
Where can we have lunch?
A room is put aside for groups where they can leave their bags and have snack breaks and lunch.
Can we pay on the day?
No. Prior payment in full is required to cover your event’s expenses incurred in advance of the day. All instructors are booked in especially for your group and they cannot be cancelled at short notice.
What happens in the event of bad weather?
There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. All events will go ahead unless gale force winds or lightening force us to cancel. We will contact you to arrange an alternative date if this is the case.
Do you have a shop?
We have a Tuck Shop containing sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks.
What size groups do you cater for?
Our minimum group size is 8. The maximum on-site depends on the challenge but we haven’t said no to any group sizes yet.
Is there first aid on site?
Our instructors are qualified in first aid; however, if special medication needs to be provided to participants it would be advisable to have your own first aider to administer that.
Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?
Our site is not particularly suitable for people with mobility problems. Please phone us for more information.

FAQ – Field Study Days

Are you running the 5th year’s Geographical Investigation yet?
We put a programme together as soon as we know the topic for the new study so 5th years can do their GI as soon as possible.
What equipment do you supply on the day of a Geographical Investigation?
We supply all experimental equipment as well as waders and some wellies. We also have a few raincoats in case students forget theirs or their raincoats are too light. Clipboards are in short supply so if you have your own, please bring them.
What do we need to bring for a field study event?
All students need to bring their worksheet supplied in advance by email, a pen and preferably a pencil as pencils will write on damp paper but biro won’t. Wear warm clothing; bring a packed lunch, a change of clothes, a good quality raincoat and, in winter, hat and gloves. In summer, please bring insect repellant and sun cream. Always wear long sleeves and trousers to keep warm in winter and to keep midges from biting in summer.
Can a student come to Kippure Estate if they missed their own school’s study day?
Yes. We are happy to accommodate students who missed their own school’s day by slotting them in with another school. However, if they are under 18 years of age a parent/guardian will need to accompany them for the whole day for child safety reasons. It will not be the responsibility of the teacher from the other school to watch over this student unless it is done by prior arrangement between both schools.
Do you do the write up with the students?
No, our expertise is in the experimental field work and keeping students and teachers safe on the day since we carry out the study almost every day of the school year. However, we do go through the structure of the report and explain in detail how it should be done. As the report itself takes a while to put together, and the teachers know their students so well, we feel this is where the teacher’s expertise wins out.




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