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Fun (and Educational) Pirate Training for School Tours

Arrrr…There Be Buried Treasure

Ahoy there! Pirates may mean trouble – but they do have some pretty amazing skills which have been passed down for many generations – and here is your chance to uncover the secrets of the swashbuckling elite.

Bring your class on a unique Ireland school tour with a difference where they will learn vital map reading and orienteering skills that will lead them to buried treasures – and much, much more, including swinging from sails and a climb up to the crow’s nest via an exhilarating rope challenge….

Pirates Outdoor Adventure

Learn to survive, pirate-style

Since pirates are nomadic and have to ‘hang their hats’ in many wild and island locales, your students will immerse themselves in nature and learn essential outdoor survival skills. They will discover which plants can help them when they’re sick, what they can eat, how to blend into their environment and how to improve their senses to deal with any unexpected threats.

During the Pirate Training School Tour, students will participate in a selection of the following activities:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Animal Tracking
  • Pirate First Aid
  • Senses Game
  • Climbing Wall (on 5 hour programme only)
  • Edible Plant and Insect Identification

DPSM Discover Centre Wicklow


  • Team building: Classmates will bond as they encourage and support one another to complete challenging pirate tasks.
  • History: Students will experientially learn how people survived off the land hundreds of years ago.
  • New skills: The challenges will test both courage and wit in a fun and accepting environment as the children grow in confidence, discovering new inner strengths and talents.
  • Physically and mentally challenging. Your group will be giving both their muscles and brains a good workout.


Rope activities are age dependent (age group 2nd class – 5th class).

Do encourage your students to embrace the spirit of the day by dressing up in their finest pirate attire. Inform them that their training will take place in a secret location, hidden within the Wicklow Mountains, since all pirates must be fully trained before embarking on their first sea voyage…

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