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Primary School Tours That Combine Treasure Hunting, Wilderness Survival and Outdoor Adventure!

Follow in the Footsteps of Ancient Celtic Warriors

For a truly fun school tour in Ireland, you and your students can travel back in time and experience life as a warrior in Celtic Ireland, discovering how to survive in the wilderness of the Wicklow Mountains.

Back in ancient times, warriors were tested in spirit, strength and intellect. Your students will have great fun undergoing these same challenges in a beautiful setting as part of this unique primary school tour called “Celtic Warrior Training”.

Can you and your students scale a wall, or find medicinal plants in dark woods? With our expert trainers, who learned through the legacy of the great hunter-warrior Fionn Mac Cumhaill, you and your apprentice warriors will learn how to do this and so much more…


Each programme can be tailored to a story or theme which interests your students and your specific learning expectations, making it easier for them to understand and absorb all of the new knowledge and skills they will be gaining.

Your students will participate in three activities during the quest:

Treasure Hunt – the most essential of all warrior skills! Students will follow the clues and learn orienteering skills as they seek out the location of the treasure and complete the Kippure Warrior Challenge.

Wilderness Survival Skills – Your trainee warriors will learn to determine what foods they can eat to survive, how to make a magical healing potion and how to camouflage themselves to evade their enemies. They will train their senses to sniff out danger, and understand their environment. Creative skills are tested too as they learn to build a boat and race it down the river.

Adventure Skills – Rock Climbing (only as part of the 5 hour programme) – Students will tackle our outdoor climbing wall to develop the physical strength and courage needed to protect Ireland from invading armies.

DPSM Discover Centre Wicklow


During this event, your students will:

  • Learn essential survival skills
  • Understand the regional history, ecology and culture
  • Be physically active in the great outdoors location of Wicklow Mountains, forested lands and Irish countryside.
  • Grow in confidence when they complete a new activity or succeed at a new skill.
  • Bond as a group as they support and encourage one another during challenging activities.


Rope activities are age dependent (age group 2nd class – 5th class)

Do encourage your students to dress up in their finest Celtic Warrior attire for the programme. Inform them that their training will take place in a secret location, hidden within the Wicklow Mountains, since all Celts must be fully trained before embarking on their first campaign. The Celtic Warrior Training programme will be a day that you and your students will never forget!

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