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An Action Packed Paintball Event Your Students or Youth Group will Never Forget

A Thrilling (and Colourful) School Tour or Youth Group Outing!

Transition Year Coordinators and Youth Group Leaders – have you ever tried paintballing?

Do you think your kids would benefit from learning to work as a team, to learn to strategise and solve problems? These are life skills that can transfer to any activity and are easily learned in a fun environment like a paintball field. Kippure offers an excellent opportunity of paintball for your school trip or youth group excursion, right here in north Co. Wicklow, only 45 minutes from the M50. Manor Kilbride is situated on the Liffey, in the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, and is an ideal location to practice this sport. Participants need to plan and work together, make decisions, learn from mistakes, communicate and to coordinate with each other. Through this process new leaders are discovered. And if you feel like joining them, you certainly can!

What is Paintball?

The game involves two teams competing for territory and capturing flags. It’s a game of strategy that requires quick thinking to outwit the opponent. Armed with the very latest semi-automatic guns (containing paintball pellets shot from a compressed gas powered gun) they are designed to mark the opponents with dye. Clothed in professional facemasks for safety, and camouflage overalls, they will play various game scenarios that may leave them feeling exhausted but begging for more!

If safety rules are followed, paintball is very safe with an injury rate of only 0.2 injuries per 1,000 exposures.

How does it work?

  • Participants are suited and booted and driven to base camp.
  • Upon arrival to the main base camp participants are given a safety speech by a head marshal before the game begins.
  • There are three battle areas to complete. The marshal will give a detailed description of the game format.

Game 1 – ‘Capture the flag’

A game of quick thinking. The Blue team and the Red team advance. Both teams have the same objective, to raise their own coloured flag, which lies at the end of the course. The teams must try to eliminate as many of their opponents as possible in the process.

Game 2 – ‘Battle Bridge’

A defend and attack game. The objective is to secure ammunition boxes which are located in the ammo dump. The winning team must retrieve the boxes and return to their safety zone.

Game 3 – ‘Siege the fort’

A game of patience. One team constantly defends the fort, whilst under attack from the other team. Many lives are lost on this game! The winning team raises the flag and then owns the fort!

All the games are reversible so each course is played twice.

Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing and runners. Everything else is supplied.

Be assured, a school paint ball event promises an action packed day your pupils will love!


Schools/Youth enquiries & bookings  – contact Clíona on or Martin on

What's included

Each player will receive the following:

  • A battle pack with 400 paintballs
  • Their own professional maker (gun)
  • Professional Face Mask
  • Camouflage Overalls

Additional paintballs can be purchased on site: €10 = 100 paintballs


Who can play?

Those 14 years and upwards, consent forms must be filled in.

  • Minimum group is 16
  • Maximum group is 60

When can they play?

There are 3 time slots Monday to Friday

  • 10.00-13.00
  • 14.00-17.00
  • 17.00-20.00 (flexible)

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