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Field Study Geography


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On-Site Field Studies for Leaving Cert Geography Students

Experience County Wicklow In the Field

Kippure Education Centre is Ireland’s top provider of Leaving Cert Geography school trips and we offer a range of on-site field studies. Thankfully, field work is becoming an integral part of the school curricula. As well as being thoroughly enjoyable, it instils a range a vital skills such as surveying, group work, data collection, analysis and report writing.

Since 2003 hundreds of schools from all Leinster counties and Waterford and Tipperary education trips at Kippure Estate. All our field studies are carried out on-site and have been carefully designed to facilitate the relevant Department of Education Curricula. A team of highly experienced instructors with a range of Environmental qualifications deliver our geography field trips.

We provide all the necessary worksheets, field equipment, along with a selection of raingear, Wellington boots & waders.

Leaving Certificate Geography

This course has been designed to facilitate the Geographical Investigation, a compulsory element of the geography syllabus. A field study of the river Liffey and one of its tributaries, the Athdown Brook, includes a study of landforms.

  • Measuring River Velocity
  • Measuring Cross Sectional Area
  • Calculating discharge
  • Measuring & Sketching Valley/River Gradient
  • Bedload Analysis
  • Sinuosity
  • Map Work

A similar study can be carried out in a glacial environment to look at a corrie as a landform; however, this is weather permitting.

We regularly receive excellent feedback from these schools and are delighted to hear that many students go on to receive 100% in their reports.

The study is amended each year to suit the different Geographical Investigation Field Study topics.

Sample Itinerary Geography Field Study

10.00 am School arrives & gets settled into the Belfry – Teachers receive a well-earned tea & biscuits!
10.15 am – 11.15 am The Belfry Senior Instructor delivers a detailed presentation to the group, demonstrating the methods and equipment used for the geography studies. Some map work to identify study sites.
11.15 am – 11.30 am Students are divided into smaller groups (max 15) and kitted out.
11.30 am – 1.45 pm Into the Field: Data collection, calculations. All students are encouraged to participate individually.
1.45 pm – 2.15 pm Back to the Belfry – Quick change and a bite to eat.
2.15 – 3pm Wrap-Up – Results are correlated and discussed, further analysis of findings in context of report, for example aim, graphs, conclusions.

Transition Year Environmental Field Studies – Geography & Ecology Study

This study is a great fun way to provide the experience and all the skills that fieldwork involves. It can be combined with a half day of Adventure Activities to combine the academic with the fun side of the outdoor world


Our buildings include The Belfry, a custom built facility containing a classroom, toilets, showers, equipment storage rooms and all necessary equipment required to carry out our educational and adventure activities.

We also have a number of other larger and smaller classrooms on-site to facilitate groups of different sizes.

Why Choose Us

  • We have vast experience in delivering the studies
  • There are two rivers with landforms within easy walking distance
  • Our team of field study instructors is exceptionally well trained
  • We have a dedicated modern building for field studies
  • You’ll find our facilities are second to none!
  • Kippure is within easy reach of Dublin and surrounding counties
  • Exam results are top class; many students have gained 100% from their studies here

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