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Float or Sink!? Raft Building, Adventures for School Tours and Youth Groups

Kippure Estate’s Raft Building Adventures are the ultimate group bonding experience for your school or youth group.

Participants work together as a team to design and test their very own craft during this abundantly fun-filled event! The individual teams are given barrels, poles, rope and planks to build their rafts; but their imagination will prove to be the most valuable of tools during the design process. Once the rafts are built, they’ll be cast off into the waters with each team member aboard. Your group will have a blast racing against one another through the aquatic course in a friendly-competitive event. But the real challenge of course is how long each team’s newly crafted design will stay afloat!


We generally lead our Raft Building challenges in Blessington Lakes’ Russeltown Bay, a cove characterised by calm waters. Our team of experienced and qualified instructors will provide your entire group with appropriate safety equipment (helmets, buoyancy aids and paddles). Before teams set to the waters, instructors will provide a comprehensive safety briefing and instructions for the upcoming aquatic challenge.

YOUR Objectives

This Raft Building event fosters many positive team dynamics, including co-operation, communication, bonding and individual confidence building and growth. Kippure Estate can work with you to focus on particular goals you may have for your group, whether it’s for primary students, youth leaders-in-training or anything in between.


  • A chance to be physically active, outdoors, in a place of natural beauty.
  • An opportunity for each participant to grow in confidence as they tap into their imagination, practice new skills and learn something new about themselves.
  • A venue for children and youth to bond as a team as they cooperate and communicate together and cheer teammates on!
  • An event that appeals to a variety of interests and strengths—some youth will let their brawn shine, others their brain, while others will play the role of valuable coaches and morale boosters.


  • This event is suitable for children and youth aged 7 years and older.
  • For this activity, Kippure Estate can accommodate groups from 8 to 60 participants.

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