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Learn Map, Compass and Navigation Skills in the Wicklow Mountains

Disoriented in the Mountains… Not for Long!

Basic mountain navigation skills are essential when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors. On this course, at the Kippure Adventure Activity Centre, participants will learn map and compass skills to steer themselves to safety, should they find themselves out after dark or suddenly disorientated by a heavy mist.

This is a fun, outdoor adventure session which will develop your students’ orienteering proficiency and it will encourage good teamwork as they work together to plot their routes.

This is how the session will be run:

  • Instructors start off by teaching your group the basic skills they need to complete the course. These include map-reading, using compasses, understanding bearings, pacing and calculating terrain distance
  • Teams of 3 to 5 students are created.
  • Teams are briefed on the challenge and provided with appropriate equipment: maps, compasses and bearings.
  • The orienteering challenge begins. At each checkpoint, participants will complete a skill-testing team activity.
  • Teams return to base where the results are announced on a leader board. An awards ceremony concludes the Map and Compass Mountain Skills Training event.



During this course, your students will:

  • Develop map reading skills
  • Learn how to use a compass
  • Learn how to plan a route for a day in the mountains – and to stay safe
  • Enjoy some exercise in fresh mountain air

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