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Guided Nature Walks


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Guided Walking Tours to Immerse in Nature, Beauty, Fresh Air and Fun!

Walking Wicklow is… Wondrous!

We all know that children young and old learn best through physical experience; it arouses the senses, cultivates curiosity and inspires the imagination – all in a way in which books, the Internet and television simply cannot do.

Guided walks for school trips and youth groups around the natural 240 acre Kippure Estate, and beyond into the adjacent Wicklow Mountains National Park, fosters environmental responsibility. It will teach your students first-hand about a wide range of animal and plant life, and they will discover – among other things – how habitats work, which different species interact with one another and what the food chain is all about. What’s more, they’ll be benefitting from some gentle exercise and mountain fresh air, while having fun at the same time.




During our nature walks, your group will learn to:

  • Identify plants by their key features
  • Observe small creatures in their natural environment
  • Observe and seek evidence of larger animals
  • Develop a respect for nature and all it has to offer


This Walking Wicklow experience can be as long or as short as you like; most run for either 3 or 5.5 hours.

What to Wear

  • Casual and comfortable clothing, such as tracksuits. Denim jeans are not practical.
  • Summer – the weather can be changeable, so it’s best to come prepared for all outcomes. Do bring a jacket, a sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses. Insect repellent is advisable too, as there may be midges.
  • Spring/Autumn/Winter – Bring warm gloves and a hat (and a warm jacket of course). Please make sure you bring plenty of layers, as we may be outside for long periods of time, and a waterproof jacket in case of showers. If rain looks likely, waterproof trousers are also advised.
  • Footwear – Runners or strong shoes with a good grip are essential. Girls – please don’t wear skirts or anything with high heels!

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