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Bush Craft


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Participants Bond over Wilderness Bush Crafting Skills

Can You Survive Without Tools and Technology?

Are you looking for something a little different for your school tour or group? Kippure Adventure Activity Centre’s survival courses are a mentally and physically stimulating team activity which will teach participants new skills while maintaining their interest from beginning to end.

Bush craft skills are an exciting and educational event which educates children in some of the most basic rules of survival – how to create shelter, find and cook food – all without the help of any of life’s luxuries, such as electricity or tools. This is learning to live as mankind did before the industrial revolution changed the way we behave, learn and survive.

The event is usually run as a half day session. A full day is also available, where the group can learn additional, vital skills.

Teams work together to gather and cook food outdoors, build shelters and fires and navigate their way around a course. The tasks will challenge them to think both logically and creatively, and your group should finish feeling invigorated and proud of their achievements.

Included in the event are the following wilderness survival stages:

  • Erecting a shelter that would be able to hold up against the elements using the equipment provided.
  • Starting a fire with a flint striker and sourcing enough wood to keep the fire going as if you were spending the night.
  • Navigating your way to find and retrieve hidden food caches.
  • Preparing and cooking a team meal that will be scored by the instructors in a Master Chef-style challenge.


  • A new and exciting challenge that will both educate and entertain.
  • The mountain-fresh air of County Wicklow is the perfect outdoor setting.
  • Participants will learn valuable outdoor survival skills and support their teammates as they complete the tasks.
  • Each participant will develop an important role as part of this teambuilding exercise.
  • Team bonding will occur as classmates build trust in and respect for one another.
  • Each participant will become more confident in him/herself and observe the talents of their fellow students.


Skills developed in this event:

  • Teamworking
  • Learning vital skills of self-sufficiency
  • Map reading
  • Basic cookery
  • Principles of sound construction
  • Using initiative

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