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Footee: Football Meets Golf, in This Invigorating Hybrid Experience

Looking for something a little different for your Stag Do? Join the wonderfully mixed up world of Footee for plenty of laughs, amongst some spectacular scenery!

If you’re searching for an experience that gives you and your friends a chance to try a new sport, whilst enjoying a night out with the lads, then our unique Footee experience may well be the perfect option.

If you fancy a break from the stereotypical Stag event, then check out Kippure Estate, for some refreshingly unusual options to celebrate your last few days as a single man.

Sport – Done Differently

Never heard of Footee Golf before? That’s part of the fun! This new and exciting activity takes place on a golf course, but rather than wielding your golf club, you’ll be booting your football from hole to hole, rather than aiming at a goal!

It’s simple, yet devilishly addictive, and even the most uncoordinated of people can enjoy taking part on the 16 hole course. Suitable for ages of 8 to 80, provided you’ve got the energy, you can have fun doing it.

Then, after you’ve enjoyed a session on the course, we’ll take you back to Kippure Estate, where you can relax with a sumptious meal and a drink, before retiring to your accommodation for your overnight stay.

Requirements: Suitable sportswear for the Footee experience (whatever you feel comfortable running around in!) Please note, steel football studs are not permitted.


Price: €99 p.p.

What’s included:

Here’s what you can expect to enjoy when you book a Footee Experience:

  • An afternoon at the Footee course, with balls included.
  • A freshly prepared buffet dinner or barbecue to enjoy with your friends and family.
  • Overnight accommodation amidst our beautiful surroundings.
  • Full Irish Breakfast the following morning.
  • Transfer to the Footee course.
  • Transfer to a local nightclub in the evening (optional).

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