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What to Wear

What to wear when taking part in one of our hen or stag activities…

It is best to wear clothes which are casual and comfortable (and neither expensive nor just out of the shop…). Track suit trousers are popular. Denim, Twill, Tweed or Fleece is up to you!!

Those groups that have booked to do the High Ropes or Sky Trek, please ensure that you are wearing long sleeved tops and long trousers for protection. These clothes may get quite a bit of abuse and can get marked with tree sap.

Bring a warm jacket (just in case) and hope you need the sunglasses, shorts and sun protection. You may want to bring midges spray too.

If your workshop/event is going to spend time outside: Bring warm gloves and a hat (and a warm jacket of course). Please make sure you have enough clothes to keep you warm, we may be outside for long periods. If you have a waterproof jacket, please bring it – just in case we get a rain shower or two.

Acceptable are runners and strong shoes with a good grip. Ladies – please don’t wear anything with high heels!

Guided Walks:

It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that they are suitably equipped for the walk. As the weather in Ireland can be very changeable, we strongly suggest that you bring the following essential items:

  • Rule No. 1: Wear sturdy walking boots with good ankle support!
  • Wind and waterproof breathable jacket and trousers.
  • Hat and gloves.
  • A small backpack with spare clothes (fleece or sweater), hot and cold drink, any personal items.

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