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Clay Shooting

Experience the excitement of clay pigeon shooting at Kippure Estate!

Throughout the experience, you can enjoy expert tuition, under the experienced eye of Paul Carberry and Billy O’Brien. Paul and Billy have been providing expert clay pigeon shooting instruction for three and a half decades and guarantee that you’ll have great fun, whilst learning the techniques and skills of the sport.

All equipment is provided on the day, and is all top of the range. Beretta 20 bore shotguns are used, as they offer excellent accuracy, with minimum recoil. This means that guests won’t go home with aching shoulders or cheek-bones, as they so often do with other clay pigeon shooting experiences!

In addition to this, ear protectors are provided, and airplane grade ear-muffs are also supplied, to ensure that no external noise distracts you from your shot.

The clay pigeon traps used are controlled by radio and manufactured by renowned clay pigeon throwers, By Laport. This guarantees precision and reliable delivery on all clay pigeon targets.

When you arrive, you’ll be instructed in a friendly and informative manner, with a firm focus on having fun and developing your skills in the fine art of shooting. The experience concludes with a competition, which is when things get truly exciting and you can put your newly acquired skills to the test!


From €45pp for ½ day (min group size 10 people).

Customer Feedback


I’d never tried clay shooting before, but I’m definitely coming back. Our instructors were really patient, even though I was a complete beginner. Highly recommended Max Walsh

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